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  • I’m only 28 years old and I never get sick. Why would I buy insurance now?

    In the years I’ve been working as an insurance advisor, I have helped clients work through hundreds of questions about their insurance needs.  But one of the most common questions I get is “I’m only 28 years old and I never get sick.  Why would I buy insurance now?” Actually, this is the best time […]

  • What is Critical Illness Insurance?

    This is a pretty common question I get from clients.  Many assume it is like the long term or short term disability plans they may be offered through their employer. In fact, critical illness insurance is quite different, although the critical illness plans work well with long term disability benefits.  Most commonly, critical illness insurance […]

  • Don’t cancel your life insurance

    It is totally fair to compare market rates and life insurance policies to ensure you are not only getting the best rate, but also the best coverage. However, it is crucial to not cancel your life insurance plan until you have another plan fully lined up and paid for.  The last thing you want is […]

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